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Ultimate Guide To The Grill Master
Ultimate Guide To The Grill Master via foodydirect

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The Tasty 45: 45 Dishes Not to be Missed (Nos.50-46)

Welcome to part one of the first annual Tasty45, a delicious countdown of the 45 tastiest dishes that one could ever hope to put in there mouth. Compiling this year’s list took a lot perseverance, dedication and effort asI battled numerous food comas and a palette that was constantly suffering from Explosive Flavor Syndrome (EFS). [...]

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The Summer of Pork

“The following post was written by renowned culinary luminary Chris P. Bacon. Mr. Bacon originally hails from Lardon in the South of France but currently calls Ottumwa Iowa his home. Chris got his start in the food world by writing product descriptions for a local chefs charcuterie catalog in France. After several years of making [...]

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Mac and Cheese 2.0

Who doesn’t love mac and cheese? As kids many of remember that magical blue box with the packet of Garfield orange powder that was a lunch time staple. As I have gotten older I still maintain my fondness for good ol’ mac and cheese, it’s like cheesy ecstasy in a bowl. What has changed as I age [...]

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Top Appetizers of 2011!

2011 has been filled with gastronomic delights at every turn. It’s like I have been constantly assaulted by little flavor commandos who have been hiding on every plate. While I have a moment in between massive foodgasms I wanted to share what I have found to be the best appetizers of 2011. These small plates [...]

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All The Bugs!

The following post is a guest post written by photographer and blogger Michelle Koechle for the 20 Something Blog Swap. The blog swap is a great opportunity to gain insight from new and exciting writers that you might now have otherwise come across. You can read more of Michelle’s stories and see her great photographs [...]

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Bacon is Love!

Ah bacon, a truly miraculous foodstuff. The salty, smokey porky flavors of bacon have been bringing joy to millions for hundreds of years. Bacon can make a bad day great and a great day euphoric. I thought now would be as good a time as any to put together a short list of the top [...]

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Allow me to get a little egg-sistential for a moment. I want to talk  briefly about the humble egg; a versatile member of the culinary world that is often taken for granted. When you stop and think of the myriad of tasty places that an egg can take you it is nearly enough to scramble [...]

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Peanutty Perfection!

You got bacon in my peanut butter. No you got peanut butter on my bacon. However you want to look at it, Spread restaurant in San Diego has concocted a treat for all you peanut loving baconistas out there. If you’ve watched the Best Thing I Ever Ate on the Food Network then you might [...]

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2011 has barely begun and already it is proving to be a year filled with lots of Food Winning! Every day is just filled with food wins. From chocolate covered bacon to grilled mahi mahi hash, a lot of food wins have been put on the scoreboard. It’s like, I have experienced radical food wins [...]

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